Diluvion Wiki
Diluvion Kickstarter logo
Developer(s) Arachnid Games
Publisher(s) Arachnid Games
Distributor(s) Arachnid Games
Director(s) Leo Dasso
Platform(s) Steam (Win/MAC)
Release date(s) February 2, 2017
Genre(s) Adventure
Rating(s) TBD

Diluvion is a deep sea exploration and submarine combat game. It was created by Leo Dasso and is currently under developement by Arachinid Games. It was recently Kickstarter funded. On February 2, 2017 the game will be released. Players gather a crew, take command of a submarine and explore the secrets of Diluvion.


The Great Flood all but extinguished the flame of civilization. The few remnants now take refuge in the oceans and new societies rise and fall. The fate of humanity now ebbs and flows with the tides.

In the uncounted centuries since the flood, humanity has been driven into the oceans as a layer of ice freezes over the world. Now, trapped in the oceans, civilizations rise and new kingdoms form. Explore the depths, and discover the stories they have to tell.

  • Pilot a submarine and command her crew
  • Use sonar to search for salvage
  • Trade goods and collect bounties
  • Defend your sub with an arsenal of flak cannons, torpedoes, railguns, and more
  • Explore an open world of deep ocean